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Learn About The Plane

Here is a collection of images captured of the Endless Plane using a specialized device. The photos and footage are ACTUAL interdimensional translations of the Plane. The vehicles and inhabitants shown here are not aware of our visual interaction with their realm. The Center for Endless Plane Studies adheres to a strict NO INTERFERENCE policy. Unauthorized Persons are not permitted to access the specialized visual translator devices. Infringement on our designs will be result in legal and other repercussions.


The Endless Plane series takes place on an infinite landscape populated by citizens living on Conveyances. Due to constant dangers and need for resources, all cities must be in perpetual motion. There are countless other vehicles and machines that all fulfill specialized roles.

The Geography

The Endless Plane consists of mostly impossibly flat ground expanding in all directions along the horizon. Some natural features such as mountains and hills exist but they are few and far between. Strange natural phenomena and extreme weather events make areas of the plane inhospitable at times. Resources are scarce and it forces those on Conveyances to always be searching beyond the horizon. Plants and creatures live on the plane, and eke out a fragile living. Dangerous life forms attack Conveyances often, attempting to feast on the inhabitants..


Conveyances are mobile population centers which house the human inhabitants of the Endless Plane. The vehicles act as centers of operations for military, scientific and mining endeavors. Conveyances are equipped with factories, food labs, mineral processing and essential life support systems.

The Beings

Vehicles and Conveyances often incorporate large biological Beings fused to the hull. They tower over the free moving inhabitants who care for them. These genetically modified creations are designed to perform specific tasks, such as navigation, weapon targeting and communication. Their life is completely devoted to the function of the vehicle. They rely on the human inhabitants to feed and maintain them. Nutrients from labs are pumped into them from beneath the hull. The humans rely on the Beings to solve computational problems during weapon targeting and navigation. Additionally, they are able to communicate through radio waves to other Beings and relay critical information to the humans.


Lumbering Conveyance

This mobile population center is home to 10,000 souls, and towers over the Endless Plane. It is a Gigantic Class Conveyance, center of operations for military, scientific and mining endeavors in a large radius around it. It’s main armament is a devastating energy cannon, with an incredible range afforded to it by the height of the Conveyance. Although limited by its speed, it can project power across hundreds of miles. It is supported by a vast fleet of military vehicles, which aid in missile defense, quick-attack interception and border fortification.

Conveyance 8

Home to 2,500 human inhabitants, this mobile population center is the base of operations for regional defense and resource extraction. It contains refineries and nutrient labs to sustain its population. It’s main weapon is a Gigantic Class – Beam Emitter. It has a large supply of anti Conveyance missiles and it’s own anti missile defense system. The Conveyance extends Operator territory borders significantly, and can supply smaller vehicles with supplies and manpower.

Operator Flower Injector

This machine uses experimental technology to rapidly grow vegetation. The injector deposits a seed pack with a catalyst solution surrounding it. Once the seed pack is inserted, the liquid catalyst reacts with the minerals in the soil, causing explosive growth. The hope is that vegetation could be planted quickly and then be ready for harvest before the last of the Conveyances pass by. This would reduce the strain on the food and medicine laboratories housed in population centers.

The Noisemaker

The Noisemaker performs a vital duty for the citizens of the Conveyance. His one man band moves down the main streets and blasts music to signal the start of the work day. Even the most exhausted citizens can’t help but be jolted awake by the sprightly tunes of the Noisemaker.

Monitor Muriel (and Mary)

The Being named Muriel watches over the Endless Plane, acting as a Monitor, keeping track of the coming and going of vehicles around the Conveyances. She reports on speed violations, unsafe driving, out of date registration and other infractions. Mary is her human assistant, she takes care of her and ensures the smooth operation of the vehicle.

The Tube Man

The Being named Eugene helps distribute energy tubes to vehicles traveling on the Endless Plane. Often the mechanisms inside of energy tubes fail and they no longer generate power. Eugene and other Beings like him are vital to resupplying vessels in need, always ready to respond to distress calls.

Automatic Assistant

This machine follows around citizens, helping carry things, cleaning the home, and repairing appliances, among other things. It’s personality and function can be programmed at home using data tapes. The assistants arms can be replaced with a variety of tools, including welders, drills and spatulas.

Two Observers

Dramatization of ACTUAL interdimensional translated audio

“Bob, I’m not sure there is much left to salvage here.” The human said, looking from the wheel platform at the battlefield. The Being named Bob took a puff from his pipe and slowly let out the smoke.

“There is always something to find. Look, next to those energy condensers…” Bob adjusted his main camera and zoomed in. “Gee, it looks like a couple data tapes. There are Objector markings on them.” Bob said while moving the vehicle closer.

“Huh.” said the human. He hopped off the platform and walked over. Picking up the tapes, he ran his fingers over the embossed insignia. “Could be nothing.”

“You never know!” Bob grinned. “Put them in the hold and lets keep looking”

“Sure thing Bob.”

Grabber Crane

This vehicle is used in salvage and forage operations. It can easily grab hold of scrap metal and throw it overhand into waiting transports. It’s nimble hand can pick up ground minerals and place them in processing machines. The Being named Earl takes great pride in his work, and even participates in throwing contests with other Grabber Cranes.

Dorothy’s Stout-Walker

The Being named Dorothy waits for the sound of incoming missiles. When she can pin point their location, she fires the particle cannon to intercept them.

The Humble Tire Farmer

Tires are grown on Conveyances for use in the many vehicles on the Endless Plane. Their size depends on the nutrients they are fed and the time they are allowed to grow. Specialized mobile factories also exist, and are dedicated to producing the very largest tires for Conveyances.

Surveillance Trike

This vehicle is controlled by the Being named Marge. She fearlessly sneaks behind enemy lines and performs reconnaissance.


This Objector weapons platform uses rolling feet to skate across the plane. For what it lacks in armor, it makes up in speed. It utilizes a massive center cannon, which hurls supercharged payloads into enemy hulls. Unlike the Oppressors, Objector platforms include the use of ancient Former relics and technology.

Grand Illuminator

This autonomous machine rolls along with forward scouts to light their way. Most helpful during the pitch black dust storms on the Endless Plane.

Mineral Forager

This specialized vehicle is deployed from larger vessels to collect valuable resources. The forager picks up and grades minerals when they become exposed from powerful windstorms.